At Carnival this dessert is worth!

In Italy there is a wide range of Carnival sweets that accompany the parades of floats and masks on the days preceding Ash Wednesday. How can you resist?
February 14, 2020

The typical Carnival sweets in Italy

Journey through the most famous traditional Carnival desserts of the Italian tradition 

Zeppole di San Giuseppe

Typical Carnival sweets, small jewels to be savored without regrets!

Castagnole con Ricotta

Castagnole with Ricotta

The Castagnole or Favette are a typical dessert of the Italian carnival. Unlike the classic recipe, ricotta is added to the dough which makes the castagnole very soft, soft and delicious to taste one after the other.

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Frappe - Chatter

The frappe, chiacchiere, lies or cenci are typical Italian desserts usually prepared during the carnival period. Crispy and delicate fried puff pastry obtained by thinly pulling a simple dough which is then fried and sprinkled with icing sugar.

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Fried Bombs

The fried bombs are soft and delicious, to be stuffed in various ways; custard, chocolate, jam or nutella.
Excellent also empty!

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Zeppole di San Giuseppe

Saint Joseph's Zeppole

Zeppole di San Giuseppe are fried choux pastries, filled with custard and garnished with canned cherries and icing sugar. It is a typical southern Italian dessert consumed for Carnival or Father's Day.

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Frappe - Chocolate chat

The frappe, chiacchiere, lies or cenci are typical Italian sweets. Crispy and delicate fried puff pastry obtained by thinly pulling a simple dough which is then fried and sprinkled with icing sugar. To give a touch of color and taste, use dark chocolate to decorate.

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La Pignolata

The Pignolata

Calabrian Pignolata is a party dessert, simple to make, much loved especially by children and that can be prepared in no time. They are small fried pasta dumplings and subsequently sprinkled still warm with hot honey and decorated with a cascade of sugar-colored sprinkles.

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