Arancia Lady Rosa

A brand of the Blandini Farm

A family tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation.
An exemplary farm, which is the pride of its territory.

The Consortium participates

What we think about

The high production quality is the result of the care and dedication with which the Blandini family follows the entire production cycle.

The "Tarocco", "Moro" and "Sanguinello" oranges are the best that can be found on the Italian market. The fruits are not treated and can be consumed in complete tranquility, therefore excellent also for preparations, recipes and jams of all kinds.

They have an excellent online sales service supported by PayPal and TNT. You can buy fruit and any other product today and tomorrow morning they will be on your table.


Fresh fruit

The incredible Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinello.
Availability from mid-December to mid-June

Dried fruit

Figs, walnuts, Bronte pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds.
Availability all year


Extra virgin olive oil, prepared (like risotto, cous cous, condipasta ...), desserts, like the famous Colomba Pasquale (only in the holiday period) and much more.
Availability all year


Pecorino first salt and seasoned and much more.
Availability all year

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Blandini Farm

Giovanni Blandini

Giovanni Blandini

Owner of the homonymous Farm

Contrada Raffo
95046 Palagonia (Catania)

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