Braised in Barolo

Braised in Barolo is part of the great classics of Italian cuisine, whose preparation is not at all complex but requires a long marinating, with excellent wine and the right spices and a slow and loving cooking. The result is a tasty dish, rich in flavors, to be accompanied with a bottle of Barolo.

Braised in Barolo


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Spezzatino di manzo

Beef stew

The white beef stew is a simple second course that everyone likes a little, it is also very versatile and lends itself to being accompanied in different ways depending on the occasion and taste with: polenta, basmati rice, potatoes and peas.

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Tagliata di manzo

Sliced beef

The sliced beef is a very tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare second course. It is obtained by quickly cooking a rib of beef and served in thick and oblique slices.

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