Ethical code

We are inspired by and fully share the IWA Code of Ethics
(International Association for Web Professionalism)

GS Gestione Sistemi creates websites on Opensource Platforms.
In carrying out our activity we refer to consortia and standardization bodies, we actively participate in the evolution of the network and its professionalism.
In the event of a dispute we are in favor of the application of Article 27-ter-Self-Regulation, of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, No. 206 and subsequent amendments).

Article 27-ter - Self-regulation
1. Consumers, competitors, even through their associations or organizations, before starting the procedure referred to in Article 27, may agree with the professional to first refer the person responsible or the body in charge of checking the code of conduct relating to a specific sector the agreed resolution of the dispute aimed at prohibiting or ending the continuation of unfair commercial practice.

2. In any case, the appeal under this article, whatever the outcome of the procedure, does not affect the consumer's right to appeal to the Authority, pursuant to Article 27, or the competent judge.

3. Once the procedure has begun before a self-regulatory organization, the parties may agree to refrain from adopting the Authority until the final decision, or they can request the suspension of the proceedings before the Authority, where the same has been activated by another person entitled, pending the ruling of the self-regulatory organization. The Authority, having assessed all the circumstances, may order the suspension of the proceedings for a period not exceeding thirty days.

Our Code of Ethics

We will always make the best effort and do our best to ensure that the information we publish about businesses, producers, products and organizations in any way described in these pages, is true and complete and does not in any way invalidate their potential.
We will not intentionally distribute information that is in any way defamatory, offensive, scandalous, we will assist the businesses, producers and organizations in defaming any of their competitors.
In the event that a business, producer and organization wants to terminate its relationship with us, we will promptly eliminate all references and linked pages.
We will not participate in the distribution of illegal and illegally sourced material, nor will we intentionally use or assist a business, producer and organization to use stolen materials or plagiarize any source, nor in any way violate the intellectual property of another person.
We will not participate in any form of initiative that serves to artificially increase the popularity on search engines, we will use techniques that put at risk the objectivity of search engines.
We will not participate in links, nor in the development of websites that promote pornography, exploitation and violence against women or children, racial or minority hatred, violence and terrorist organizations. uses cookies necessary for the website to function properly. Depending on your preferences, may also use cookies to improve your experience, secure and memorize access data, manage your session, collect statistics, optimize the site's functionality and provide personalized content based on your interests. We respect your preferences, both here and in specific applications where we will specifically request additional cookie preferences. Click on "Accept and Close" to proceed with the standard settings of to accept cookies and go directly to the site or click on "Cookies Policy" for a detailed description of the type of cookie. Otherwise DISCLAIMS