Apricot jam

Apricot jam is one of the most appreciated jams. Genuine and delicious it is a very simple recipe to make, suitable for the summer season when apricots are better and juicy.

Apricot jam


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Confettura di fragole

Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam is a surprisingly easy to make preserve; with a unique taste and aroma thanks to the fresh taste of the lemon that goes well with the strawberry.

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Confettura di Albicocche e Ribes rosso

Apricot jam and red currant

Apricot and redcurrant jam is a jam with a unique flavor and an inebriating scent. Genuine and delicious it is a very simple recipe to make in the summer season when the fruits are more good and juicy.

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Frullato di Anguria

Watermelon smoothie

Watermelon is the symbol of summer! Rich in water and fructose, it is fresh, good and refreshing.
Fast to prepare and perfect for a snack or after dinner.

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Fegato alla veneziana

Venetian liver

The Venetian Liver is a traditional Venetian dish based on liver and onions, with a unique and unmistakable flavor. The main characteristic of this dish is the contrast between the sweet taste of onions and the intense taste of the liver.

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Pasta alla norma

Pasta alla norma

Pasta alla Norma is a first course of Sicilian origin that is easy to prepare and has an irresistible taste. With the pasta alla Norma you bring to the table the Mediterranean flavors and aromas: tomatoes, basil, aubergines and salted ricotta.

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La Caponata

Caponata is a typical product of Sicilian cuisine. It is a set of fried vegetables (mostly eggplants), seasoned with tomato sauce, celery, onion, olives and capers, in a sweet and sour sauce. Used as a side dish, appetizer or a single dish accompanied by bread.

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Salsa verde

Green sauce

The green sauce is a basic condiment, made with fresh parsley, yolk, anchovy garlic and capers. It is especially used as an accompaniment to boiled and fish dishes, but it is also excellent for dressing spaghetti or served on toasted bread.

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