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Umberto Berti

Promoter and Founder

Business owner. His specialty ischeese and pepper'without disdaining any first course of fish, it holds a secret to making the best spaghetti with clams all over the planet. Democratic and liberal gourmet, or open to any culinary form, from Mediterranean cuisine to sushi, less than the MukBang, that practice just not! 

Laura Benedetto Executive Chef

Laura Benedetto

Chef and Founder

Artist and composer of refined melodies of taste. Equipped with a rare gastronomic sensitivity supported by a profound classical culture.
In the kitchen with Laura everything seems simple and obvious, even when it is not. An Italian culinary lover, she delights in planed flights between alternative flavors and eclectic combinations.

Luana Cristello

Luana Cristello


Passionate about photography, cinema and shopping!
Over twenty years of experience in editing textual content, he has an excellent knowledge of the right tools to position a brand on the market.
Passionate about cooking, excellent cook, famous for the Italian dessert par excellence: the Tiramisu!


Valerio Di Domenico

Account Manager


Carmela Tirrito