Here's what they envy us all over the world!

February 19 2020

From a survey carried out by the Customer Care of the National Tourism Observatory on a sample of tourists who spent a holiday in Italy: 'The first thing that comes to mind when tourists talk about Italy'.

In the first place we find the immense artistic and cultural heritage and then the food and wine products, but in particular we see what are the specialties that we discovered really envy us.


The coffee

For coffee lovers, what could be better than enjoying a coffee in Italy?
Remember, Italian coffee is not like Starbucks coffee. Although some choices may seem similar. They are rarely what you have been led to believe. For example, if you order a "milk", in Italy you will simply be served a glass of milk.
We need a complete guide on how, when and where to drink coffee in Italy.
From a normal "coffee" to a cappuccino, from a macchiato to a latte coffee, coffee is omnipresent in Italy, but there is a noticeable regional difference.
In Trieste, for example, you can order a Trieste coffee to get an espresso with whipped cream, while in Naples the coffee is served strong, creamy and fast.
Espresso coffee after a meal is a very Italian way to fix the stomach, a correct coffee, that is a coffee with a small glass of liquor, it is even more so.
Of all the crazy cities for coffee in Italy, Trieste has the best coffee culture, thanks also to its long history of tax-free port. 


The ice cream

For a tourist, no trip to Italy is complete without ice cream!
The artisan ice cream is generally prepared with fresh ingredients, which however determine a reduction in the duration of the product. This does not mean that any artisan gelato is of quality: always pay attention to the ingredients!
A craftsman can easily choose to use powdered ingredients instead of fresh ingredients, or add additives, vegetable fats, etc.
Furthermore, what distinguishes the artisan ice cream from the industrial one is the incorporation of air.
During the production process, the ice cream is mixed and brought to freezing incorporating a certain amount of air which determines the increase in size; in the craft sector it goes from 30 to 50%, in the industrial one it can reach up to 130%.
Air is in effect a quality factor of ice cream.
So how do you know if you are buying quality ice cream?
Before buying a homemade ice cream, check the color (is it natural or bright like a neon?).
Is the fruit in season?
Is there a list of ingredients?


The tiramisu

If you leave the world of ice cream to try other Italian sweets, your first stop should be Tiramisu.
Apparently simple it is probably the most loved after dinner dessert.
This perfect semifreddo comes in alternating layers of eggnog, soft mascarpone and biscuits soaked in coffee. Despite its elementary content (coffee, cream cheese, biscuits) tiramisu is the most current dish on this list. It may be simple to do but not all tiramisu is prepared in the same way.
A good tiramisu is made only with very high quality coffee and mascarpone. Eggnog and egg white can be added to mascarpone to give a lighter texture and different varieties of biscuits can be substituted for traditional biscuits.
Unless your Italian is particularly fluid and advanced, you will surely have to work hard to get information on the ingredients of tiramisu in a restaurant, so often the only option is to simply order one and see if it is to your liking!

The digestive

The term "digestive" does not refer to a drink, but to a type of alcohol that is consumed after a hearty meal with the aim of brightening the stomach and making you feel lighter.
A digestive drink dates back to the Middle Ages, when many people throughout Europe believed in the medicinal properties of alcohol mixed with sugar and herbs.
Although doctors are still skeptical of the benefits of drinking alcohol after a meal, the fact remains that one cannot say that one has tasted a real Italian meal unless it ends with a final whiplash.
The most popular digestives include limoncello, grappa, bitter, cynar, amaretto and, if you feel brave, the sambuca that is so alcoholic that it can turn a horse upside down.
If you come out of the usual known paths, you could also discover all kinds of delicious post-dinner prepared with local fruits and herbs that never disappoint. In this case do not be shy, always worth a sip!

MammaBoom Recommend

Tiramisù al bicchiere

Tiramisu by the glass

Tiramisu is the Italian dessert par excellence, known and appreciated all over the world. Simple and quick to prepare, it lends itself to various reinterpretations. Creamy and greedy, it immediately conquers everyone at the first spoon. Tiramisu in a glass is practical, delicious and perfect for any occasion!

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Babà all’arancia

Baba's Orange

The babà is a typical sweet of Neapolitan pastry. The recipe that we propose is to prepare the classic babà but with the particularity in the syrup: not only rum but also orange juice to make it even more aromatic and with a base of luscious chocolate.

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As said, this collection of restaurants is neither a ranking, nor even more exhaustive than the incredible amount of heavenly places to enjoy fish, so I await your opinions, feedback and suggestions, if there are any.

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Frittura mista alla veneziana

Venetian mixed fry

Mixed frying is considered the dish par excellence of Venetian street food. The mixed Venetian fry consists of an inviting dish of small fish of various types, simply passed in flour (without batter) and fried in hot oil.

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Piadina Romagnola

Piadina Romagnola

The Romagna piadina, commonly called piada, is born as a "bread" seasoned without yeast. It can be stuffed with any ingredient, ham and mozzarella, squacquerone di Romagna and rocket, vegetables and cheese or with chicken salad. In any way it is always delicious!

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Pane al Pistacchio di Bronte

Bronte Pistachio Bread

Homemade bread is a great satisfaction. An intoxicating scent will flood your kitchens when it is cooking. Then at the table there's a whole other taste.
The Bronte pistachio bread is a fantastic bread, made with the chopped pistachios, olive oil and flour. A bread with a very soft crumb, a fragrant crust and an inebriating fragrance.

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Pastiera Napoletana

Neapolitan Pastiera

The Neapolitan pastiera is a typical Easter dessert among the most loved of the Neapolitan tradition. The pastiera is a perfect blend of aromas and flavors. A crumbly pastry wraps a cream with a perfect balance of sweetness, aromas and perfumes.

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Bruschetta con peperonata

Bruschetta with peperonata

The bruschetta with peppers and cheese are a rustic appetizer, easy to prepare and full of flavor. The ideal recipe for summer, when peppers are in their best season. It can be offered as an appetizer or as a single dish, fast and not too caloric.

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