Gelato, a passion that deserves a trip through Italy. Find out where the best is!

These are the best and deserve a visit (of course this research is not exhaustive given the abundance of award-winning Italian artisan ice cream parlors, therefore if you have any that have escaped you must report it and we will give ample evidence, absolutely).
February 7, 2020

Here I made a collection of fantastic ice cream parlors and where to find them, and alone they can justify a trip to Italy from wherever you leave.

They make delights that you should try at least once in your life and this appeal is addressed both to Italians, who are the connoisseurs par excellence in terms of taste, and to foreigners who come here in Italy, but for their gustatory power they could very well decide to make the trip just to savor these enchanting delights, and it would certainly be worth the effort!

These ice cream parlors are not placed in order of importance as each one is gigantic in itself, but I have placed them in geographical order from north to south as our peninsula is strongly characterized by the geographical traditions that run through it precisely in this order from north to south or if you like from south to north.

The best Italian ice cream parlors

Ice cream is one of the most appreciated delights ever by Italians and foreigners.

The local, artisanal one is prepared only with fresh and excellent quality ingredients, mixed in the laboratory and prepared in the most varied flavors often according to the season or sometimes also based on momentary trends, ranging from great classics such as chocolate, stracciatella , pistachio or zabaione, up to extreme and particular tastes sometimes inspired by the flavors of typical regional sweets such as the babà of Naples or the Sicilian cassata flavored ice cream, but the fact remains that it is certainly a of the most loved and consumed delights in the world, but the Italian one remains only Italian and it is very difficult to find around the planet earth, if not in a few typical Italian ice cream parlors managed by Italians, while in Italy there are several.

These are the best for me and are worth a visit - of course this research is not exhaustive given the abundance of award-winning Italian artisan ice cream parlors, therefore if you have some that have escaped me, you must report it and we will give full evidence, absolutely -:

    ♦ Canelin - Acqui Terme, Alessandria
    ♦ Paganelli, Milan
    ♦ Cremeria Spinola, Chiavari, Genoa
    ♦ Chocolat, Mestre, Venice
    ♦ Fiordilatte, Udine
    ♦ Cremeria Santo Stefano, Bologna
    ♦ Cremeria Scirocco, Bologna
    ♦ Cremeria Capolinea, Reggio Emilia
    ♦ Carapina, Florence
    ♦ Badiani, Florence
    ♦ Gelateria della Passera, Florence
    ♦ Paolo Brunelli, Senigallia, Ancona
    ♦ Claudio Torcè, Rome
    ♦ Sicilian Cannolo, Rome
    ♦ I Caruso, Rome
    ♦ Caffè Ciampini, Rome
    ♦ Bar Gelateria Duomo, L'Aquila
    ♦ Cremeria Gabriele, Vico Equense, Naples
    ♦ Di Matteo, Torchiara, Salerno
    ♦ Cappadonia Gelati, Palermo
    ♦ I Fenu Ice Cream and Pastry Shop, Cagliari

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Cannoli siciliani

Sicilian cannoli

Sicilian cannolo is one of the best known specialties of Italian pastry. A fragrant waffle with filling made from sheep's milk ricotta and the addition of candied fruit and chocolate drops.

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Muffin al cacao

Chocolate muffin

The chocolate muffins are soft sweets to prepare for breakfast or as a snack.
They are very good and always like everyone young and old.

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Dolcetti alle mandorle

Soft almond and orange treats

Very fragrant almond and orange cakes, light, soft and crunchy. Good, easy and fun to prepare. They are very well preserved and long, therefore ideal to keep in the pantry.

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As said, this collection of ice cream parlors is neither a ranking nor an exhaustive one compared to the incredible quantity of ice cream parlors where you can enjoy excellent ice cream, so I await your opinions, feedback and suggestions, if any.

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