potato gnocchi

The gnocchi are a typical Italian preparation, known throughout the world for their goodness. Potato gnocchi are a preparation based on mashed potatoes and flour which are then boiled and seasoned in many different ways.

potato gnocchi


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Bolognese sauce

Thanks to its ease of manufacture and its exceptional taste, Ragù in the classic or white version is one of the most famous and appreciated sauces in the world. We find numerous versions that reflect the tastes and foods typical of the various regions and countries where it is made.

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Gnocchi alla sorrentina

Sorrentine gnocchi

The gnocchi alla sorrentina are a first course of the Campania tradition. An easy recipe made with potato gnocchi, tomato, mozzarella, parmesan and fresh basil.

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Treccine di taralli - Cioppini

The cioppini or braids of taralli, are small savory morsels ideal for a snack, an aperitif or as a valid accompaniment for cheeses, meats and jams. They are therefore versatile for breakfast, snack and meal. Few and simple ingredients for a super tasty result!

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