potato gnocchi

Gnocchi di patate

potato gnocchi

The gnocchi are a typical Italian preparation, known throughout the world for their goodness.

Potato gnocchi are a preparation based on mashed potatoes and flour which are then boiled and seasoned in many different ways.

  • Preparation 60 Minutes
  • Total Time 60 Minutes
  • Portions 4 People
  • Cal / Por. 150 kcal


  • 800gr of old white-paste potatoes
  • 180gr of "00" flour
  • salt


  1. Wash the potatoes and boil them with the peel, drain and peel them. Spread a generous handful of flour on the pastry board, then mash the potatoes and let them fall on the flour, using a pressure masher, or a vegetable mill.
  2. Sprinkle with very little salt. Spread more flour on the potatoes and start working the dough. Start kneading as more flour is absorbed. Remove the dough from the pastry board from time to time with a spatula: it will be ready when it is homogeneous and will no longer stick to the hands.
  3. Form a loaf and divide it into smaller pieces to form many cylinders of the thickness of a little finger. Place the dough cylinders parallel to each other and cut them into pieces about one and a half cm long using a spatula or a wide-bladed knife. As you cut the gnocchi, spread them on a floured pastry board.


To prepare perfect and compact dumplings, you need old, hard and starchy potatoes.

Once all the gnocchi have been made, you can slide them one by one on the tines of a fork or on the special wooden tool to form the classic lines.


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