Gorgonzola is a fruit of love!
For Mariella

The passion of Ambrogio, the dairyman, gave us gorgonzola.

The origin of gorgonzola, a cheese full of love and flavor.
Ambrogio, the cheesemaker, bewitched by Mariella, out of love's passion, will invent gorgonzola.
Gorgonzola is not a cheese like any other, perhaps because its origin is special and sublime.

The ancient peasants tell that from the origins they realized their virtues: useful for digestion, those who consumed it regularly were in good health and above all "lived long", much longer than all the others.

It is even said that the men involved in the maturation of gorgonzola, maturing that took place in cold and wet caves, were very resistant to the diseases and infections typical of the time.
We are in 879, and we all agree on this, in reality the gorgonzola, then called stracchino, initially did not have the blue part, until Ambrogio the young dairyman, the legend tells, did not make it so special.
I like to think that the story is true and that the passion of love of two young people has given life to one of the most sought after and intoxicating cheeses, known throughout the world in the same way as the Parmesan and the Roman pecorino, king of the simple tables , able to distinguish excellence, and sovereign in gourmet cuisine.

It happened that a young dairyman named Ambrogio, spent his time milking cows and making cheeses in the solitude of the countryside near Milan, the name of that place remains uncertain, even though even today everyone quarrels over the authorship of that area which goes from Milan to Alessandria, passing through Como, Pavia and Novara ...

In short, the young Ambrogio met the beautiful and busty peasant Maria and fell in love with her, everyone called her Mariella for her carefree and carefree work.

At daybreak, Ambrogio had prepared the curd, but the thought of Mariella was fixed, beating, tormenting him, he wanted her, he wanted her, he wanted to hold her in his "blue" arms, and so love was stronger than duty , in a hurry he finished the job, he didn't hold back and ran to his beloved, facing the rough road with a mad heart.

Fatality wanted, that so much the ardor obscured the mind, it didn't put back properly the curd that the next day it would have had to join to the milk to prepare the cheese, and a part of this ruined to the ground drop by drop, slowly while Ambrogio and Mariella consumed equally slowly their night of love between kisses and hugs.

The next morning tired, but satisfied and cheerful, Ambrogio returned to his work, and he soon realized the damage he had done and so to make up for it he joined a freshly prepared curd the day before.
Over time and aging, he noticed strange green stripes on the forms born after the night of passion.

Ambrogio was young, impulsive without a doubt, but brave and full of love and so when the cheese reached the end of its seasoning it opened the form, and the sight of green strips inside his pasta, did not lose heart, hopefully he closed his eyes and ... tasted it.

In a moment he remembered the night with Mariella, the ardor, the love and the passion, the sweetness and the energy, the softness and the creaminess of his beauty! Once he opened his eyes again he realized - alas - that it was not Mariella's kiss that had just been tasted, but the cheese that had its birth from love and that still maintains strength and taste of love!

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