Luigia, Rue Adrien-Lachenal 24a, 1207 Genève

Italian cuisine is well established in Geneva, with a restaurant to try

Many Italian restaurants are offered in Geneva, but only a few have that homegrown, very Neapolitan spirit that we love so much.
January 29, 2020

In Geneva many Italian restaurants are offered but only in this we have found that homegrown and home-made spirit, and very Neapolitan, that we like so much.

If you go to Geneva for work or for any other occasion and suddenly you feel like eating at home, in Italy of course, well there is the traditional Italian restaurant you need.
His name is 'Louise'.
At the entrance, the reception takes place with a 'Good morning, how's it going?' and this already says it all.

It is a restaurant frequented both by the Italians, for a nice plate of fettuccine or a Neapolitan pizza, but very popular with the Ginevrini (Genevois) because it is considered a true excellence.
We tried it and it is exactly like this, it seems to be at home, there is a little confusion in the air, but it is precisely that party sound that we Italians like.

The menu is absolutely homegrown and true, there is a wide variety of pizzas and all Neapolitan, from marinara to margherita with buffalo mozzarella from Caserta and a considerable amount of Italian dishes ranging from Gnocchetti to Sorrento, to Parmesan, from paccheri alla norma with bucatini all'amatriciana, without neglecting the friggitelli and the turnip greens. We highly recommend the panzerotti and the risotto alla caprese. Excellent high quality ingredients, and Italian school chefs. Wide choice in the cellar.

In short, an all-Italian party. Upon our arrival Salvatore greeted us, the perfect manager of this legendary restaurant, which is born within the walls of an old disused garage, on the ground floor of a building located in the heart of the city, the environment is warm and welcoming, the artistic lighting and a bit vintage, at the back of the room stands a wood-burning oven operated by skilled Neapolitan pizza makers.

The table service is perfect as the dishes are perfect.

Note that there is also a playroom for children, who tired of being at the table know where to go, the impeccable service for times and ways, the prices, we Italians will probably find them a bit high, but absolutely in line with those of the Geneva restaurants.

Our opinion is five-star for simplicity in excellence, because these are the attributes that characterize a good Italian restaurant abroad.

  • Luigia, Rue Adrien-Lachenal 24a, 1207 Genève, Switzerland
  • Telephone: +41 22 840 15 15

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Pizza margherita

Margherita pizza is the typical Neapolitan pizza, topped with tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil, salt and oil. Together with the marinara pizza it is certainly the most popular Italian pizza.

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