Lasagna with pesto or “Portofino”

Lasagna with pesto, also called Portofino lasagna, is baked lasagna made using pesto instead of meat sauce; in this case it is the Genoese pesto made with basil.

Lasagna with pesto or “Portofino”


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First course

Lasagna pumpkin provola and amaretti

Pumpkin lasagna with provola cheese and amaretti is a winter dish that is good hot and easy to make. The pumpkin makes the lasagna soft and compact and the macaroons give it that touch that makes it tasty.

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pasta all'uovo fresca

Fresh egg pasta

Homemade egg pasta is a typical, easy and tasty dish. To prepare it, you need to choose the right ingredients and have a marble or wooden table, a rolling pin and 15 minutes.

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First course

Lasagna Bolognese

Lasagna alla bolognese is a traditional first course of the Emilian cuisine based on meat sauce, sheets of egg pasta, béchamel and parmesan.

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Sarde in saor

Sardines in saor are a typical dish of Venetian cuisine. It is generally served as an appetizer: the sardines are marinated in onion and vinegar, then flavored with raisins and pine nuts and fried to better enjoy the sweet and sour aroma.

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The gnocchi are a typical Italian preparation, known throughout the world for their goodness. Potato gnocchi are a preparation based on mashed potatoes and flour which are then boiled and seasoned in many different ways.

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