Paccheri Ricotta and Guanciale

Ricotta and guanciale pasta, easy and fast with a unique and enveloping knowledge!

Paccheri Ricotta and Guanciale


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Ravioli funghi e ricotta
First course

Mushroom and ricotta ravioli

The mushroom and ricotta ravioli. The delicacy of the homemade puff pastry that combines with the intense flavor of the mushrooms and the delicacy of the ricotta cheese will conquer every palate.

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First course

Asparagus and Guanciale Pasta

The half sleeves guanciale and asparagus is a fast and special dish. The creaminess of the asparagus, combined with the unique and exceptional flavor of the pillow make this dish very tasty.

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First course

La Carbonara

La Carbonara, one of the most popular and most popular first courses in the world of Italian cuisine.

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Hummus di ceci

Chickpea hummus

The chickpea hummus is a typical typical Middle Eastern sauce that is tasty, healthy and easy to prepare.
Ideal to serve as an appetizer or for an aperitif: perfect spread on bread, on toasted bread, on unleavened bread or served with raw vegetables.

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Impepata di cozze

Mussels impepata

The mussels impepata, or "a 'mpepata and mussels" as it is called in Naples, is an economic Neapolitan dish as simple to realize as it is irresistible. It is prepared with mussels, garlic, oil, pepper and served with croutons.

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Meringhe ai frutti di bosco

Wild berries meringues

Berries meringues are elegant, good and beautiful sweets.
The unique and timeless sweetness of the meringues are complemented by the delicious filling and the wild berry-based garnish, which will enrich and enhance its flavor.

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pasta all'uovo fresca

Fresh egg pasta

Homemade egg pasta is a typical, easy and tasty dish. To prepare it, you need to choose the right ingredients and have a marble or wooden table, a rolling pin and 15 minutes.

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Babà all’arancia

Baba's Orange

The babà is a typical sweet of Neapolitan pastry. The recipe that we propose is to prepare the classic babà but with the particularity in the syrup: not only rum but also orange juice to make it even more aromatic and with a base of luscious chocolate.

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Vellutata di piselli

Pea creamy soup

Pea cream soup is a quick and easy recipe for a vegetarian first course with a delicate taste and a rich and satisfying consistency. It can be enjoyed with toasted bread and with the addition of sour cream or Greek yogurt. Also excellent served with grated Parmesan cheese.

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