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Zeppole di San Giuseppe

Saint Joseph's Zeppole

Zeppole di San Giuseppe are fried choux pastries, filled with custard and garnished with canned cherries and icing sugar. It is a typical southern Italian dessert consumed for Carnival or Father's Day.

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Minestrone con crostini

Minestrone with croutons

The homemade soup or vegetable soup enriched with croutons is a dish that meets the taste of young and old at the table. Minestrone is a light, tasty and healthy first course. Prepared with seasonal vegetables both in winter and in summer.

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Tiramisù al bicchiere

Tiramisu by the glass

Tiramisu is the Italian dessert par excellence, known and appreciated all over the world. Simple and quick to prepare, it lends itself to various reinterpretations. Creamy and greedy, it immediately conquers everyone at the first spoon. Tiramisu in a glass is practical, delicious and perfect for any occasion!

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Pastiera Napoletana

Neapolitan Pastiera

The Neapolitan pastiera is a typical Easter dessert among the most loved of the Neapolitan tradition. The pastiera is a perfect blend of aromas and flavors. A crumbly pastry wraps a cream with a perfect balance of sweetness, aromas and perfumes.

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Tozzetti alle mandorle

Tozzetti with almonds

The almond tozzetti are crisp light and fragrant biscuits. The Sicilian almond left whole gives an unmistakable taste, capable of conquering every palate.

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Tarallini pugliesi

Apulian Tarallini

Taralli are a typical Apulian specialty, both crunchy and irresistible. A delicious snack to prepare at home with simple ingredients such as flour, olive oil, white wine and salt. Their combination with cold cuts and cheeses is highly appreciated.

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Ciambelline al vino rosso

Red wine donuts

They are donuts covered with brown sugar that give off the aroma of the wine. It is one of the typical Lazio sweets; served generally at the end of the meal dipped in Castelli wine. Few, simple ingredients mixed together for an unmistakable and unparalleled taste.

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Ciambelline al vino bianco_Mammaboom

Donuts with white wine "Mbriachelle"

They are sugar-coated donuts that give off the aroma of wine. It is one of the typical Lazio sweets; served generally at the end of the meal dipped in Castelli wine. Few, simple ingredients mixed together for an unmistakable and unparalleled taste.

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Buffalo mozzarella and anchovies from Cetara

The buffalo and anchovies pizza of Cetara stands out for the quality of the dough, guaranteed by the long leavening, and for the quality and the goodness of the ingredients. The unique flavor and heady scent will bring you with your thoughts to Amalfi.

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Red Pizza

Red Pizza is a splendid example of taste and simplicity, it certainly does not need any presentation as it is the queen of menus all over the world. Simple things are often the best: few ingredients and a lot of taste for this pizza that satisfies everyone.

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Treccine di taralli_Cioppini_Mammaboom

Treccine di taralli - Cioppini

The cioppini or braids of taralli, are small savory morsels ideal for a snack, an aperitif or as a valid accompaniment for cheeses, meats and jams. They are therefore versatile for breakfast, snack and meal. Few and simple ingredients for a super tasty result!

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La Caponata

Caponata is a typical product of Sicilian cuisine. It is a set of fried vegetables (mostly eggplants), seasoned with tomato sauce, celery, onion, olives and capers, in a sweet and sour sauce. Used as a side dish, appetizer or a single dish accompanied by bread.

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