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Frittedda is a typical Sicilian recipe based on artichokes, broad beans and peas cooked in stew and seasoned with sugar and vinegar. Served as a side dish, it generally accompanies meat, or as an appetizer.

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Bolognese sauce

Thanks to its ease of manufacture and its exceptional taste, Ragù in the classic or white version is one of the most famous and appreciated sauces in the world. We find numerous versions that reflect the tastes and foods typical of the various regions and countries where it is made.

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Pollo al sidro e uvetta

Chicken with cider and raisins

Apple cider and raisins: two simple ingredients to turn a normal chicken into a fragrant and unusual chicken with a vague oriental scent. A simple dish to prepare but very tasty.

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Vellutata di piselli

Pea creamy soup

Pea cream soup is a quick and easy recipe for a vegetarian first course with a delicate taste and a rich and satisfying consistency. It can be enjoyed with toasted bread and with the addition of sour cream or Greek yogurt. Also excellent served with grated Parmesan cheese.

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Insalata nizzarda

Nicoise salad

Nizzarda salad or salade niçoise is a tasty traditional summer dish from the Côte d'Azur. It is a balanced single dish rich in vegetables and therefore fiber, vitamins and mineral salts, but also proteins given by eggs and tuna.

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Melanzane al formaggio

Eggplant with cheese

Baked aubergines with cheese are a very tasty side dish, stringy and easy to prepare. Perfect to serve to accompany various types of dishes, both meat and fish based.

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Insalata di fagiolini uova e tonno

Salad of green beans, eggs and tuna

The salad of green beans and eggs, enriched with grilled tuna, cherry tomatoes and salad is a light dish, easy to prepare but full of flavor. Ideal as a main dish for a summer lunch or to take a trip outside the city.

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Filetti di lucioperca con salsa olandese

Pike-perch fillets with hollandaise sauce

Pike-perch is a versatile fish and its aromatic and pleasant taste makes it easy to combine with a wide variety of side dishes. Pike-perch fillets in hollandaise sauce are easy to prepare and will give you a truly exceptional second course.

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Involtini di melanzane grigliate

Grilled aubergine rolls

Grilled aubergine rolls are a tasty and rich appetizer, ideal to serve as finger food for buffets or aperitifs. Quick and easy to prepare, the aubergines are grilled and stuffed with scamorza, olive paste and basil.

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Zuppa di Gulasch

Goulash soup

Goulash soup is the typical Hungarian dish par excellence. A simple soup to prepare based on meat, onions, carrots, potatoes and paprika. A delicious complete main course perfect for the cold and wet winter climates.

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Crema di zucca

Pumpkin cream

Pumpkin cream is a hot and nutritious vegetarian dish. Creamy and delicate, pumpkin cream is certainly one of the best autumn recipes for cooking this vegetable quickly and easily.

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